Tuesday, 31 January 2017

{Just a table test}

Only now realized how it is possible to insert tables here. Did one for test, filled with unrelated stuff. Could be used as random trinket table maybe.

1 2 3 4
1 Crescent-bladed scythe of  pitted bronze, metal wine weavers around the handle Stone mask, broken as if parts of it are bitten off  Piece of silence, wrapped up in a old gabardine  Jade statuette of piously praying demon  
2 Red cloak, tainted at hem by what appears to be ink Simple wooden bowl that carries a map of forgotten island on its underside A compass that points anywhere but west Cell key, marked with a sign of scorpion
3 Slightly forked mummified tongue Spiral seashell made from carefully twisted newspapers  Crown made from interlocked golden teeth A blank page with azure-tinted edges
4 Thick-walled glass bottle holding will-o-wisp, sealed from inside A piece of true moon, one of many that were lost when the witch smashed world's reflection in fury Petrified heart, half-sliced in two Snapped violin string, long enough to serve as garotte, causes intense sense of longing if you hold it too long
5 Wreath of golden poppies, widely asymmetrical Porcelain butterfly, impossible to break Candle, which can't be extinguished as long as you tell a story Red crow feather
6 Simple dagger, inconspicuously unadorned  Well-cared case of soft leather, enough to protect one relatively thick book Spyglass with slightly rusted lenses  Music box, inlaid with ivory, undeniably stolen

1 comment:

  1. I find my tables work best when instead as pictures, like I'll write them in Excel, copy and paste as an image in Word and then save that as a picture. Send to do better on mobile.

    You can also embed Google Sheets if thats your style.