Thursday, 7 June 2018

The setting for the character sheet.

Recently I've made a overly ornamented character sheet for purposes of system and/or setting to be reverse-engineered from it. I thought it could be a fun thing to do for people but, as it still just kind of there and not being used, I will attach some random suitable dream to it as a setting.

* * *

There is a box.
The box is delicate and ornamented. It has no lock.

There is a cage around the box.
The cage is forbidding and painful. Metal barbs outside, metal barbs inside. The cage has no door.

There is a maze that outgrows from the cage. Maze of living iron, and bone ivory, and gold, and crystallized human liquids. The maze grows in all directions. It keeps on growing. The maze has great many entrances but only one exit.

There is a city on the outer 'crust' of the maze. It is the city which looks intricate but human, with human-sized streets, and human-like litter, and human-like noise. Travelling through such streets for a long time and going down reveals the streets that are different, with doorways too big and narrow and remains that are unusual. At first there are still humans, tucked into this architecture, adopting it for their human ways, but quite soon they change and then they go away. And after travelling for the even longer time, down and down, through gloom, and silence, and inhuman architecture, the traveller appears again on sun-lit human-sized streets under the sky, regardless how deep they had gone, as if the space resets itself back to the outer level. The city has no purpose.

But in a box, that is in the cage, that is in the maze, that is in the city lies the sense for all existence.

* * *
What was interesting in the dream that you cannot really die in the maze, as Pain Saints (the constructions or creatures of living metal, bone ivory, crystallized human liquids and gold with improbably humane eyes) will resurrect you, often leaving you with a 'blessing' of sort, which is working quite well with whatever middle-right section of the character sheet is for.

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