Saturday, 16 November 2019

I found a key on a road.

I found a key on a road, it's crooked and golden. It lies in my palm - what does it open? (1d20)

01. warlock's black heart, bound in ice;
02. a small silver door, fit for knight-mice;
03. a ray of bright light in halls still and dark;
04. singer's sweet voice (who was cursed with bark);
05. old copper chest, in seaweeds hidden deep;
06. rusty wind-up toy, makes tyrant to weep;
07. manacles chaining a ghost to gaol;
08. a splendid treasure trove, to bounty of all;
09. any one door, for the deeds done discreet;
10. stigmata in your palm, for sacred blood to bleed;
11. poisoner's tongue, to confess their crimes;
12. cogs of glass machine to start all of its chimes;
13. obscured tomb in a graveyard to visit Hades;
14. a puzzle in ruins, for moon-mind to obsess;
15. azure door under stairs to lands of a dream;
16. graffitied portal to vanish at whim;
17. demon's barbed cage, setting them free;
18. a crack in a bark to step into a tree;
19. a calmness of heaven to turn storm to breeze;
20. the door to my house, as I just lost my keys.

Blogposts have this underlying expectation of long text. I have some posts in drafts that are ten pages long and which paralyze me as I must polish them to suitably reading state; some are in making since May, and probably will never be finished.
Instead here is the post I wrote as I was waiting for somebody to arrive with a spare key. It was very liberating to write, and also fun.
So for December I'll try to post twice a week but strictly something small and more or less frivolous.


  1. I've missed your posts. Looking forward to December!

    1. It probably will be something like '20 Things and Effects You Get From Licking Toads (Besides Also Getting Pimples)' or 'Rock In Space: Endless Journey RPG'.

      Thank you. Making up rhyming keys was quite fun.

  2. I can almost see an entire campaign within this table. 20 sessions, 20 keys. One leads to the next. It even ends on a pleasant note!

    1. I didn't think about keys like this - thank you, this is an interesting idea.

      Real life story ended up quite nicely too, as it turns out I just forgot my keys and didn't lose them.