Monday, 11 December 2017

Convoluted Bureaucracy Generator [and mini-game]

How to generate Convoluted Bureaucracy.

[Place] of [Adj.] [Noun] often generate a believable name which looks like people there are doing actual comprehensible work - therefore it cannot be used as it is. Add “and [Adj.] [Noun]”, “[Adj.]-[Adj.] [Noun]”, “[Noun]-[Noun]”, “[Adj.] [Noun] in [Adj.] [Noun]” or some other such complication at the end to convolute the name up. The concise beauty of English language is that you can put two nouns together and the first one becomes a descriptor. For almost all nouns it is also very easy to turn singulars to plurals and the other way around.

[Place] roll can be skipped – most of such the places are called Department, Committee or Registry.

Nouns and Adjectives (not all of which are, strictly speaking, adjectives) are broadly divided into Solid/Noise/Empty categories. ‘Solid’ adjectives and nouns add weight, creating a name for a place that is actually might do some important work - therefore use them very sparingly and not more than once per three-five noise or empty words. Use of Noise/Noise and Empty/Empty generates appropriately vapid and vague names. If the name still sounds as if people there are doing real work, just add ‘Affairs’, ‘Synergy’ or ‘Visibility’ at the end.

Some combination might sound absurd (Bureau of Multi-Transportive Literacy) or be a tautology (Department of Innovative Innovations) – in such case either shift the noun one step down or just leave it as it is – bureaucratic names can be and often are pretty absurd.

The [Code] part a number on a die roll but can also optionally generate a code for all department paperwork. To create full Code just string along the number for each word. The Bureau of Multi-Transportive Literacy above would have a code of 084129

For [What is going on] in said department right now and [How the place looks like] refer to subsequent tables. ‘Person-signature’ refers to the clerk the visitors are ultimately dealing with to get requested approval.

Sarker Tarsos made an automated generator (names and environment) here

Dunkey Halton made an automated generator (names only) here

Place (roll 1d30 or chose Department, Committee or Registry)

01. Academy
02. Agency
03. Archive
04. Assembly
05. Association
06. Board
07. Branch
08. Bureau
09. Centre
10. Chamber
11. Chancellery
12. Collegium
13. Commission
14. Committee
15. Council
16. Court
17. Department
18. Desk
19. Directorate
20. Division
21. Magistracy
22. Ministry
23. Office
24. Organization
25. Panel
26. Registry
27. Secretariat
28. Service
29. Station
30. Union

Code Solid adj. Noise Adj Empty Adj Empty Adj
01 Academic Accountable Accelerated Intelligent
02 Agricultural Adequate Adaptive Investigating
03 Aquatic Analytical Administrative Lawful
04 Civic Authorized Annual Meaningful
05 Civil Competitive Approving Measuring
06 Controlled Cooperative Assertive Millennial
07 Credit Core Balanced Mindful
08 Cultural Creative Centralized Modern
09 Demographic Customer-centric Cognitive Monitored
10 Domestic Defensive Cohesive Occult
11 Economical Disciplinary Collaborative Optimal
12 Educative Domiciliary Compatible Optional
13 Engineering Downsizing Conceptual Organic
14 Financial Early-stage Consulting Parallel
15 Foreign Effective Contextual Planning
16 Forest Empirical Dedicated Premium
17 Historical Essential Distributed Preventing
18 Industrial Functional Diverse Principal
19 Internal Gradual Dynamic Proactive
20 International Grassroot Efficient Progressive
21 Legislative Hyper- Emerging Reactive
22 Manufactured Impact Eminent Reciprocal
23 Martial Informative Empowering Reformative
24 Medical Infrastructual Enabled Responsive
25 Moral Instructive Engaged Robust
26 Municipal Logistical Equivalent Scalable
27 Natural Model Expanding Secondary
28 Non-profit Multi- Exponential Self-
29 Oceanic Multiple Flexible Shared
30 Parental Nomistic Fluid Solid
31 Personal Nutritional Focused Structural
32 Private Operational Generational Sustainable
33 Recreational Organizational Harmonious Synchronized
34 Rural Professional Heuristic Targeted
35 Sanitary Public High-Impact Trans-
36 Scholarly Residential Holistic Transformative
37 Scientific Senior Hyperlogical Transient
38 Secular Sustainable Immersive Transitional
39 Social Systematized Inclusive Transparent
40 Spiritual Total Incremental Uniform
41 Sports Transportive Innovative Utilitarian
42 Urban Working Integral Visual

Code Solid nouns Noise Nouns Empty Nouns
01 Architecture Action Affairs
02 Arts Advocacy Alignment
03 Beliefs Allegations Application
04 Care Appraisal Assertion
05 Clarity Audience Authorization
06 Commerce Audit Capability
07 Community Authenticity Capacity
08 Crime Awareness Capital
09 Decency Benefits Collaborations
10 Disability Ceremony Competency
11 Education Communications Compliance
12 Emergency Consultation Consistency
13 Employment Cultivation Contingency
14 Environment Decisions Convergence
15 Equity Design Elaboration
16 Fairness Development Encouragement
17 Family Discretion Enhancement
18 Finance Diversity Enterprise
19 Hazards Eradication Evaluation
20 Health Framework Expertise
21 Heritage Future Flexibility
22 Hospitality Growth Governance
23 Insurance Inspections Implementation
24 Justice Licencing Initiative
25 Labour Maintenance Innovations
26 Learning Management Methodology
27 Leisure Metrics Milestones
28 Liberty Opportunities Mobility
29 Literacy Options Paradigms
30 News Policies Practices
31 Privacy Prevention Registration
32 Protection Production Relevancy
33 Rights Qualification Reorganization
34 Safety Regulations Solutions
35 Sales Relationships Sources
36 Security Requisitions Strategy
37 Statistics Research Supervision
38 Surveillance Resources Synergy
39 Tourism Retentions Synthesis
40 Trades Services Technology
41 Transportation Utility Validation
42 Youth Values Visibility

What is going on
01. Sympathetic, even helpful in a very shallow way but secretly intentionally obfuscating. Probably a part of some internal conspiracy too complicated for visitors to understand or care. Endless redirects to another desks, back and forth, but nobody is signing anything.

02. Half of the staff is on a break, another one is busy chatting, pays no attention to visitors and views interruptions with indignation unless such interruption provides a useful titbit of knowledge that concerns a current talk of interest.

03. Department is divided by a quiet war between two scorned lovers or professional rivals, with half of staff supporting one side and half the other one. Visitors are immediately dragged into the mess for validation and moral support.

04. Overstaffed, with each document requiring at least three more person-signatures than usual. Not intentionally obtuse but just really, really bloated and everything takes trice more time then it should have.

05. Understaffed. Half of clerks are trying to do four times as big of a job. Staff is knowledgeable, honest and willing to help but is very swamped by sheer amount of work, therefore the staff is also blunt, curt, stressed out and always in hurry.

06. The department run out of proper forms or their most important device is broke, they are waiting for new ones to arrive. Should be any day now. Clerks are sympathetic but there is really nothing they can do.

07. Has a very strict, hated, highly professional supervisor. People furiously imitate a working process while they are around but are complete slackers when the supervisor is not here.

08. This department is only just created. Everything is bright, full of fresh faces, enthusiasm and energetic, frantic hope for new beginnings; energy is in the air, furniture is moved around, new bookshelves are installed, disassembled and reinstalled again. Only one person out of ten knows what they are supposed to actually do an how.

09. Department under restructuring and ‘streamlining’. Everybody is anxious, uncertain, scared and very-very careful. The work itself is paralysed by indecision on current procedures, and there is no boss any more to put on the final stamp-signature.

10. Under internal scrutiny therefore everybody is trying their best. Forced smiles, insincere kindness, uneasy helpfulness but things are moving fast and things are approved without extra hassle.

11. Department is only open to public for a short window of time on certain days. Queues are very long even before the door opens. Most of visitors won’t be able to get in and solve their problem.

12. Boring, functional, adequate. Some chatter, some queues, some indifference but otherwise all is fine and things are processed with decent speed and general benevolence.

13. Recently have been restructured. All previous documents that visitors were supposed to bring are now outdated and invalid, and therefore all forms that rely on those documents are outdated and invalid as well.

14. Death/dismissal in the department. Work is somewhat hindered by hushed voices, venomous gossip, ongoing money collection for the farewell ceremony, and rampant speculations about who is going to be promoted. Backstabbing and brown-nosing. The box of the departed person’s possessions is eyed by all passing-by clerks.

15. Strong smell of disinfectant. The department recently had an unfortunate working accident. There is armed security guard here too now.

16. Rotten. Everybody is corrupt in way way or another. Everybody is expecting a bribe in one way or another. Will hinder the process with all might if no bribe is given.

17. Where careers go to die. All actual work is done by a lonely intern or temp, who is the only one with any hope of getting out of here. Everybody else will exercise a petty authority at smallest opportunity, either out of sense of self-importance or out of bitterness.

18. Office in a hostage situation with clearly unbalanced (former?) co-worker and also maybe some explosives. Nobody can leave or call security, rare visitors who just need to get a signature immediately become a part of the situation.

19. The person-signature is semi-senile but cannot be uprooted and sent to retirement. Will chat for ages about all unrelated things. Will get angry when perceives disrespect, ushered to hurry or meets perspectives in disagreement with their own.

20. Person responsible for processing is deeply in love. Distracted, day-dreaming, blissful, easily agitated by romantic things, makes a lot of mistakes.

21. In the state of hidden war with another department. Will work very efficiently or extremely inefficiently if a visitor manages to land themselves on a certain side, merely lackluster when met with profound neutrality.

22. Going to participate in high-profile charity drive. Hyper-agitated with incoming event, the efficiency halved (if not quartered) as everybody has a legitimate and noble reason do to something else beside the work. Will transparently and enthusiastically suggest a large donation to worthy but illegible cause that has something to do with helping children.

23. Young specialist or intern is doing all work while other, more senior clerks mostly relax, chat, go on breaks and almost openly drink. This working mule person should have left for better place via promotion some months ago but is stalled by office in somewhat indentured position. They are still quite efficient and helpful although growing bitter, stressed and very poor.

24. Five committee meetings are scheduled back to back for today and three quarters of the staff are going to attend one or another; the last remaining quarter is filling for duties they don’t really know how to do or not very qualified for, personally or professionally.

25. Favourites and relatives are pulled out of queue ahead of other visitors. The second person in line should have had their turn an hour ago.

26. Strictly organized room. Everything is in place, everything is in order. Nobody except clerks themselves are allowed to move anything, even pencils and chairs – in case if anything is moved by ‘unlicensed operator’ a proper paperwork has to be filed.

27. The person-signature is a new hire and haven't shown to workplace yet despite being hired a week ago. The office is surprisingly mellow on this issue, and make lovable excuses for the new person, as if nothing of importance is getting hindered.

28. Functional department but in an obscure building on an opposite side of the city, in a very secluded location with no proper signage. People are helpful, it just takes a very long time to reach them.

29. Person-signature starts to flirt, quickly escalates in a creepy way. Doesn’t take rejections well, vindictive. Will find any reason to prolong communication and will not sign what needs to be signed unless promised a date.

30. Very crowded waiting room with eight out of ten wickets not working and nine one just went for lunch. Extremely long queue where everybody is anxious, tired, angry or nervous. Half way through waiting a fight between visitors starts – verbal at first. Stone-faced clerks feign indifference, don’t hurry to stop the fight that is the only interesting thing that happened the whole day.

31. Rotten but kind of new to this whole corruption thing. Hints for bribes are awkward and stilted. Will cave in and do the work properly at slight tug for decency and/or criminal responsibility.

32. Maybe it is something in the air and light but everything feels extremely lethargic. Clerks yawn constantly, move slowly, even small talk they made is monotonous and slow.

33. A severely wounded person just came crashing through the office and run away, leaving blood trails everywhere. Uncertainty and excitement in the air, the supervisor expects to see their face in news and pompously rehearses the speech.

34. Punch-clock punctuality. Will dismiss any and all forms that are less than perfect; will nitpick everything to the last comma. Correction fluid is for losers, all forms must be resubmitted anew. Bribes are useless - they are doing it Because It Is Right. Faced with perfect forms has no choice but to process them efficiently.

35. The person-signature has been dead for two days but their desk is so lost in the maze of the office that nobody yet noticed. All stamps and forms are still on desk and nothing prevents the visitor of just doing it themselves. If fact of death is revealed to co-workers they are going to be be very upset because it means undoing and redoing last two days of already approved signatures, potentially including the one just made.

36. Highly incompetent boss who doesn't know how to delegate or delegates everything to a bunch of sycophants, which is why when the boss is around the work is utterly paralysed, and because the boss doesn't know how to delegate they are around a lot.

37. Person-signature is ostracised by peers over some convoluted reasons. As it has to be hidden from the supervisor, some basic communication is still going on but extremely slow, when person-signature hands all their request (even to pass a pencil) in forms and receives replies in a similar way. The ostracised person-signature will chat tersely about their pets but will stoically refuse to comment on what is going on until some extraordinary sympathy is shown.

38. Extremely angry visitor is bellowing onto a clerk without respite or shortness of breath. If anybody tries to stop the proclamation of hatred, it turns on them, causing a lot of vicious, exquisite anger but clerks might be sympathetic if the situation is resolved.

39. Spiritual cleansing of the office space is going on, halting all the work. Chants, incense, furniture rearranged, everybody is wearing something red and blue. Clerks are mostly sceptical but nobody dares to show this to their beaming, hyper-enthusiastic boss who follows head spiritual honcho around and speaks excitingly in some occult/religious jargon.

40. The department knows they actually work for evil purposes and are intentionally, self-sacrificially obtuse so less evil can be done to the world. They are courteous, courageous, very knowledgeable, polite and utterly, utterly dedicated to use every ounce of their authority to not let visitors to increase the amount of harm to the world through their department.

41. Things go swimmingly until at the very end of approval process when somebody realizes that the visitor got directed to a department with a very similar but actually different name (Innovative/Innovated, Solution/Solutions etc). The best they can do is to give directions to the proper room.

42. School tour is going around. Despite best effort of both teachers and staff the office deals with a noisy crowd of exiting/bored/mischievous/curious/disparaging teenagers with grabby hands and shrill outdoor voices. People who are actually trying to work obligated to stop doing what they are doing and explain everything while keeping an eye on things that can be broken and ‘borrowed’.

How the place looks like
01. Half of the desks are standing desks, forgotten apple on one of them. Personal lamps with turquoise lampshades on each table, overhead lamps are off which makes the office half-submerged into shadows, where each table is like a little oasis of life and light.

02. Cozy, warm, bright pictures on walls, ornamented, every desk is full of touches – pictures of children, vacations, sports, pubs, flowers, houses, cooked dishes, fashions, pets, parents, spouses, gatherings. Endless chippy chatter about all events/trends/ills of the world, the city, the relatives and so on, nobody wants to stop such interesting and meaningful conversations.

03. Walls plastered with old awards and even old diplomas, tables full of memorabilia and souvenirs from times of past relevancy. Bookshelves full of outdated manuals. All archives and documents aren't updated in past seven years.

04. Overly cluttered with stored documentation. Shelves are full of papers. Tables are full of papers. Drawers are full of papers. Bins, boxes, crates. A lot of stuff either misplaces or misclassified.

05. Giant open space with numerous desks. No privacy. Constant noise. Everybody snoops on everybody else.

06. Main room itself is behind thick wall of frosted glass, only vague silhouettes are visible, voices are muted. Face desk clerk – the only visible face – behaves like dispossessed royalty.

07. Bad stale smell, shabby chairs, dirty carpet, way too cold or hot. Is there a moss growing in a corner?

08. Labyrinth of cubicles, distinguished from each other – very rarely – by one tiny detail here and there. No people. Navigation maybe possible by the smell of over-fried food.

09. Office serves as a emergency archive/storage, ‘just for this week’. All walking spaces are too narrow and clerks often hit their toes and elbows on unexpected corners.

10. The office is dominated by big, lovingly adorned portrait of the current Head of the State. Fresh flowers, banners, almost religious piety in attendance to all regalia.

11. Big metal bureaus under lock and key, doors are on a lock, washroom is on a lock, drawers are locked too. Everything is locked and unlocked every time despite all inconvenience it causes.

12. Long rows of clerks processing documents. Very quiet, almost cemetery-silent, the loudest sound is incessant clicking of weighting stones/abacus/keyboards. Clerks look stressed but stubbornly press on; those who lunch, take lunch right at workplace, quickly and quietly.

13. Once lovely and still cared-for but now under weight of years without major renovation. A couple of plants on windowsill, surprisingly not yet dead.

14. Polished, luxurious, sleek. Artsy pictures on a wall, progressive colour of wall paint, ultra modern chairs, probably real leather, heap of fresh magazines, freshly-printed important books with catchy names on shelves, masterfully arranged, recent awards of walls.

15. This office has unusually sombre decorum, as if in a funeral house; it also has noticeable amount of soft furniture not often found in offices. Clerks are wearing uniforms (or adhere to a very strict dress code that makes them look as if they are wearing uniforms) and address each other very formally.

16. Former conference or presentation room haphazardly remodelled for office. Boards of unrelated graphs in corners, overhead projector. Furniture collected from a dozen of various other places.

17. Small, badly ventilated, new paint already peels off in some places. Former storage room. Strong smell of aromatic tea or incense. Clerk in far corner is secretly reading lewd magazines under a cover of doing work

18. Overcrowded, there is basically two departments that are temporarily housed together. Clerks are overly polite to each other, hidden annoyance is brewing. Doors slam, drawers stack, calls and stationary are messed up.

19. Well-maintained, not without some homeliness. Long-term survivor plants, cleaned up carpet, furniture is mismatched but comfortable, trash bin full of candy wrappers.

20. Converted factory room or workshop. Tables converted from workbenches, floor is bare cement, tiny grated windows, small heaters to warm up the place even during the summer. Modern, expensive furniture looks jarring under bare light bulbs. Clerks still hit sharp corners on occasion.

21. Rather average but dominated by a smell of cooked food, as if it is a land of permanent lunchtime regardless of actual activity. Past year calendar on a wall along with somebody’s forgotten wedding pictures.

22. Solid wood, small individual tables frame big communal one. Walls are ornamented with big logo of the organization, way too fancy-looking for its name. All handles in the department made to look like lions heads and clerks dress way too formally for this place, completely on their own will.

23. Too tiny. Desks fit to close to each other. Tables and chairs are fit in all available spaces. Illumination is too yellow, everybody looks somewhat sick. Strong smell of deodorants.

24. Office is almost like a Panopticon – several interconnected floors that open up into an empty central space and are cut off from the rest of the building. Struggling plants, illumination is harsh, purely interior and visibly ages everybody. Incessant murmur of many voices, always noisy. The only elevator is not in service. A lot of hidden nooks and crannies. Clerks are noticeably agitated and rarely discuss personal matters.

25. Long narrow corridor full of faceless doors. Visitor chairs are extremely limited. Beyond doors are tiny rooms barely big enough to contain a desk, a drawer, a trashbin and a single chair. Small muddy window up near the ceiling, cheap lampshade, recently painted but already looking dated walls.

26. Disorderly but well-kept office with recreational room attached to it. Somebody is always sleeping on a sofa. Somebody is always loudly playing some game. There is a small bookshelf full of donated books, half of which are bodice-ripping romances and another quarter concerns the breeding of snails.

27. Constantly interrupted by nearby construction. Loud noises, occasional water sprouts, overwhelming smell of paint, workers with hammers mulling around, dust from ceiling falls on everything.

28. Mirrors, chrome, metal, reflective surfaces, as if the place was dripped into a pool of silver and left this way. By pure coincidence there are no shadows at all in this room which is why everything looks flat and timeless.

29. The room is made for way bigger amount of people and ceilings are so far up no light can illuminate it. Echoes, all the time echoes. Odd, non-rectangular floorplans. Tasteful, modest office furniture, with a lot of small personal touches. People involuntarily either too quiet or too loud.

30. Round room with antique-looking spiral staircase shaft going down. Nobody pays attention to it, especially because it is encased in grating and under heavy lock and key.

31, Signs and smells of recent major celebration – paper ribbons, bins full of empty bottles, forgotten food on top of cupboard, torn streamers, everybody is hung over with variable degrees of subtlety.

32. The whole place is entirely in underground level. Lights are too harsh and despite all human activities, the smell of slightly damn concrete is always present. It is very cold here, even in summers; during wintertime some walls are covered in a thin layer of frost.

33. Laid-back attitude, picture of shirtless local celebrity on a front desk. It is a small cocoon of peace, friendship and good time, full of inside jokes and pranks that no intruder can understand or participate in.

34. Ceilings are too low, and odd low lighting creates overly ambient mood, something between sedate and alien. There is also a constant thudding sound: monotonous, slow and muffled by many walls - that nobody pays attention to and nobody can explain with anything but casual speculations.

35. Bookshelves are packed with dog-eared, bookmarked books and manuals for all questions in the field; there is a decent landscape on a wall, painted by a former co-worker, and a coffee pot with relatively fresh coffee on a corner table.

36. The place is further subdivided into smaller personal rooms with non-transparent glass doors – behind them dim silhouettes are sometimes moving like ghosts but nobody comes in or out. Subdued lighting. It is so quiet here that the silence is ringing.

37. On walls there are signs of bricked out doors, perceived even under paint and pictures. The office itself is full of long, almost ceremonial tables and chairs with old-fashioned high backs, all furniture is made out of solid wood, manually carved in style favoured by the previous regime.

38. Average, adequately lit room with several tables. Open concept is destroyed by makeshift barricades of screens, stacks of drawers and storage walls. Walls are covered by multitude of important graphs, notices and posters in layers upon layers, almost in organic sense.

39. A lot of motivational posters. Somebody’s fancy outfit, straight from a laundry, is hanging from a bookshelf. Related and unrelated samples of merchandise fill all available surfaces, dirty mugs fill the rest. Camp-cot tucked in the corner.

40. Small room with big window - if not for several desks would look like a private one-person office. Mostly empty shelves, minimum bare functionality, the walls are made from carefully preserved bricks to retain a vintage look.

41. Abstract sculptural ornamentation is going through the whole office, no less abstract installation hangs from the ceiling (vaguely erotic from certain angles). Blinding white walls are entirely blank with exception of big multicoloured abstract painting to which all lines draw attention.

42. Bare walls, uncomfortable chairs, dull wall paint, dirty grated windows. No personal touches. No personality. Epitome of bland, indifferent, cold and boring.

The Process.
[mini-game for two people]

One person plays The System.
Another person plays The Visitor. It is always one Visitor against The System. Running through bureaucratic maze is a very solitary experience where each on their own.

The purpose of the Visitor is to make the System to validate, approve, sign, confirm or otherwise process some important request on their behalf. The purpose of The System is to wear down and evict The Visitor without letting them complete their goal by any passive-aggressive/bureaucratic means possible.

Sometimes The System acts through the single person in a room who puts the signature in place (‘person-signature’), sometimes through the whole collective; The System player effectively controls everybody who is not The Visitor.

For resolution of risk during the Process itself one 1d6 die would be enough.

How to do The Process. 
1. One of the players generates the name of the organization where The Visitor will be travelling. Use random generator for names above. The name should be no less than five words and can be as long as fifteen, although on average it is six to eight words.

2. Each word means one step of approval in the process of final approval The Visitor must successfully obtain before getting the whole Process done. “Department of Oceanic Cooperation and Family Synergy would have 5-step approval process, while “ Registry of Spiritual Multi-Technology and Support in Domestic Affairs” would have 7-steps approval. The Visitor needs to collect the amount of approvals equal to the # of words in the name of the organization.  Mark each achieved approval with a checkbox of some kind.

3. Each word in the name of the organization means new room of importance in said department that The Visitor must go through to get one approval. Generate each room through [What is going on] and [How this places looks like] tables. The System player describes the situation to Visitor, using as much imagination as they deem to be fun.

4. With a rare exception of when it is obvious from the text of “What is going on” table (such as #10), no approval otherwise can be obtained from a room unless The Visitor takes a point of Exhaustion. Visitor can only take three points of Exhaustion before they suffer insurmountable mental and physical fatigue and have to leave The System.

5. If by taking the final point of Exhaustion or going through the last room The Visitor doesn't have all necessary approvals, The Visitor is defeated. If by taking the third point of Exhaustion The Visitor achieved a final approval, they barely succeeded. If the all approvals are collected without hitting three points of Exhaustion or there are still a number of unvisited rooms by the time the final approval is achieved, The Visitor obtains a significant victory and can [optionally] start with a [Class] next time. 

6. In addition to their common human stamina, each Visitor has additional parameter for backlash. At the beginning of each Process, The Visitor selects either Nerves or Anger and can chose a different one (Anger or Nerves) for a different Process. The difference between these two is mostly cosmetic and mostly defines the way how The Visitor is lashing out onto The System and what the end failure state of this backlash is going to be. Some places also more or less affected by one type of backlash over another, at discretion of The System. 

7. Instead of taking a point of Exhaustion The Visitor can instead take a point to their backlash (i.e. a point to Nerves if Nerves were selected). The Visitor can only take three points of backlash – if the forth one has to be marked, The Visitor has either complete nervous breakdown (Nerves) or full on assault (Anger) on a clerks in current room. Either way, The Visitor is removed from The Process and The System celebrates flawless victory.

8. After the initial interaction with the room (i.e. getting a point of Exhaustion or point of backlash) The Visitor can directly invoke their backlash in order to speed up the Process. They note the sum of current Exhaustion + backlash stat and make 1d6 roll. 
- If the roll is under or equal Exhaustion, nothing happens: The Visitor is too tired to force outburst.
- If the roll is higher than Exhaustion but less or equal to Exhaustion + Backlash, the outburst is a success. The Visitor marks additional approval and moves on to the next room. 
- If the roll is higher than Exhaustion + backlash it is a failure. 6 is always a failure. In a failure, The Visitor couldn't handle their own outburst and went too far. Remove one previously earned approval.

Optional starting classes or achieved as a victory over The System. Classes are always random – The Visitor always tries to prepare but, as The Process is mostly unpredictable, they never know what actually comes into play.
All classes provide once per Process advantage but with exception of two classes (Lucky Survivor and Master of Zen), all benefits are situational and has to be played right to have an effect. 

01. Lucky Survivor: can take one more Exhaustion point before collapsing.
02. Paper Rat: brought extra documents and then some extra documents to back up extra documents.
03. Parent: had to drag a kid into it. The kid is cute but is quickly annoyed. Play your cards right.
04. Master of Zen: once per Process can negate a result of failed backlash roll by suddenly calming the hell down.
05. Sympathetic Face: has this special sincere attitude that melts dust-covered hearts of clerks as if they were actual human beings.
06. Long-Distance Runner: has extra time until deadline and can progress through one time-consuming room without incurring exhaustion or backlash.
07. Old Salt: came prepared, brought a bribe – be it money, favours, delicacies or some kind of personal sacrifices of dignity
08. Ex-coworker: left on presumably amicable terms. Can call on former connections or get direct access to supervisors once per Process.
09. Surprisingly Savvy: somehow very competent either about the current problem the office experiences or about current topic of interest the office is all about. It can generate some positive attention.
10. Innocent Beginner: bumbling helplessness and tear-jerking incompetence sometimes provokes parental instinct from people around, clerks including.
11. Legitimate Threat: clerks hear threats all the time and know all of them are empty but here is somebody who does really sound like they can land non-compliant clerks in some hot water.
12. Voice of Reason: once per Process through stoic resolve and reasoning can calm down or de-escalate the current situation. Doesn't help with their own outbursts, though.


I wanted all 1d42 tables to be 1d100 or 1d50 but run out of ideas as I tried to keep everything as grounded and mundane as possible. Feel free to expand.

To roll 1d42 either use digital dice rollers or roll 1d6+1d8 (ignoring 8s) if the process is not convoluted enough.